London Fashion Week is back. And it’s back with a bang. 
We’re putting our best fashion foot forward to explore some of the latest trends we’re anticipating for 2022 and beyond.
All coming soon to a catwalk and high street near you…
A fearless return to colour – all hail Orchid Flower
Trend forecaster Worth Global Style Network are predicting Orchid Flower as the striking, new statement colour of 2022. 
This vibrant rose hue with purple undertones makes it a stand-out shade across all platforms, a blend which conveys a sense of positivity and escapism. 
A highly anticipated departure from the stark reality of Ultimate Grey. The pale, unassuming shade of 2021 which marked our year of loungewear and extended isolation.
As a brand which embodies strength and vitality, AMARI AMARI welcome this return to all things bold and all the optimism that it represents.
From colour to greater diversity in fashion
Catwalks are becoming more diverse, with 43% of castings awarded to non-white models for the New York, Paris, London, and Milan shows combined. 
But what about gender, size, and age representation? 
Unveiling of the Unisex
Gender-neutral clothing has become more and more ubiquitous from the humble boyfriend jeans to timeless everyday wear which transcends seasons and sexes.
For Spring-Summer 2022, we’re seeing mix and match pieces which can be worn by anyone and everyone – the suits are slouchier, the blazers are boxier.  Midi skirts and bow blouses will also continue to blur the barriers as we move towards greater inclusivity.
And with this ever-increasing spotlight on individuality, we’re anticipating a sharper focus on age and body type in our more immediate fashion futures too.  
Greener Garments 
Sustainability is here for more than a season or a reason. It’s a lifetime. 
Ethical fashion and environmentally friendly materials are becoming more mainstream as brands take collective responsibility to reducing waste and preserving our planet.
Upcycling, the process of redesigning old clothing into new, is becoming increasingly popular as fashionistas use social media to showcase their talents.
Another movement away from fast, disposable fashion is the shift towards a minimalistic wardrobe. 
Minimalism involves pairing your wardrobe back to the absolute essentials, so you only use what you need – reducing your overall carbon footprint and waste.
Decluttering Queen, Marie Kondo famously deploys this simple method, “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one's hand and ask:
'Does this spark joy? ' If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.

At AMARI AMARI, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable socks brand. All our garments are hand finished by highly skilled craftspeople, and our process from concept to packaging guarantees zero landfill.   All yarns are 100% natural fibre, and no harmful chemicals are used in our processes. 
The Renais-socks
“A fashion sock revival seems to be happening in our industry now as people take that next step towards high fashion but still crave comfort after months of being at home. Stockings are notoriously restrictive and quite flimsy compared to socks which are more durable and wearable especially as the weather starts to turn“
Linda Mngwali, AMARI AMARI Founder and CEO

Socks are becoming more of a statement than a mere accessory.
We’ve seen them on the pages of social media as an exciting way of injecting a colourful sense of playfulness into any outfit.
They provide effortless fashion experimentation – anyone can dip their toe in without the hefty price tag or dramatic image overhaul.

The AMARI AMARI mission is to bring an extra edge to your look while taking inspiration from global trends and our customers.
Like the trends we’ve outlined for 2022, our AMARI AMARI customer is: bold, diverse, ethical, and ultimately, a fashion trailblazer.
We hope to see your fiercely, fashionable feet in the FROW very soon. 

By Eve Stansell @evestan7

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