Produced Without Hazardous Chemicals

We source very responsibly, and all the raw materials used come from renewable natural resources. It is our duty to ensure that all hazardous chemicals are eliminated in all our production. 

We use 100% recycled materials in our production. Part of our packaging materials come from sugar cane, making AMARI AMARI fashionably sweet.


Sustainabilty policy

100% Renewable Energy in our production and Logistic sites by 2030    

At AMARI AMARI we have a commitment as a brand and organisation to create a sustainable journey across the operation of the business from production to end users.

We do this by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals in our production process, combating climate change, and managing waste.As an organisation, we have a responsibility to incorporate diversity and champion inclusivity whilst remaining transparent.   

We work with manufacturers and suppliers with the same sustainable ethos as AMARI AMARI. 

Our manufacturers have invested heavily on renewable energy and water ecosystems to ensure that the sustainable responsibilities are met. 

We have carefully selected manufactures that shares transparency in their corporate social responsibility and raw materials sourcing.  As a brand we also have a responsibility to play in reducing carbon footprint, waste, and climate change. We use low energy lighting and have recyclable systems in place.