MEGAN - Cotton Blend Diamond Motif Knee Socks In Neon Green & Red

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MEGAN Long Knee-Length Socks, a modern twist on a timeless favorite. Crafted from a comfortable cotton blend, these socks feature a vibrant argyle pattern in neon green, accentuated by a striking bright pink stripe running along the side. The reimagined classic design is further enhanced with a bold and contrasting bright red cuff, heel, and toe, adding a pop of colour and style to your wardrobe

Stylish Argyle Design: The socks showcase a contemporary take on the classic diamond motif, giving you a fresh and fashionable look.

Vibrant Colour Palette: Stand out with the eye-catching combination of neon green, bright pink, and contrasting bright red, making these socks a bold accessory for any outfit.

Comfortable Cotton Blend: Enjoy the soft and comfortable feel of a high-quality cotton blend, ensuring all-day comfort and breathability.

Knee-Length Style: The socks provide extended coverage, reaching knee-length for a trendy and versatile look that pairs well with various footwear.

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